Want to know the real story behind Colorado’s green rush? Clear the smoke for a tell-all account from the people who witnessed marijuana legalization firsthand.

Are you a full-fledged stoner, a casual toker, or just pot curious? Are you considering a career in the budding cannabis industry? Do you want to know more about the everyday impact of legalization? Johnny Welsh is a professional bartender with nearly 20 years of experience lending a listening ear in Colorado’s famous ski country. As an impartial observer, the stories he’s heard paint a complete picture of the current state of cannabis country.

Weedgalized in Colorado: True Tales from the High Country examines the events leading up to the historic vote that transformed the state and kickstarted a billion-dollar-a-year industry. Through Welsh’s extensive research and extraordinary interviews with local stoners, sheriffs, dispensary owners, and growers, you’ll obtain a 360-degree view of the highs and lows of life after legalization. With Welsh’s witty humor and knack for storytelling, you’ll learn what to expect when weed makes its way to your town.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • A beginner’s guide to help you better understand weed culture and recreational use
  • An in-depth reference section for codifying strains, dispensaries, and more
  • Success stories of trailblazing ganjapreneurs and tips to help you break into the business
  • A historical overview of the events leading up to the vote and legislation in the years that followed
  • Colorado’s current cannabis state of affairs, and much, much more!

Weedgalized in Colorado is your insider’s look into the recreational marijuana movement. If you like candid storytelling packed with humor, in-depth research, and guides to help you navigate the world of weed, then you’ll love Johnny Welsh’s demystification of the smoking-hot cannabis industry.

Buy Weedgalized in Colorado to inhale an enlightening and entertaining tale of a trailblazing state today!



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